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Getting Started

As you prepare to publish your book, there are many questions you may have about formatting, dimensions, designs and colors. Book cover design can seem like a stressful part of the publishing process, but it doesn’t have to be! You can easily create a custom book cover from scratch or a book cover template! BCS has hundreds of options to help you create the perfect book cover.

We regularly share our most up-to-date information on self-publishing. We share insider tips to help you design your perfect cover, because your book will be judged by its cover!

Should I Hire a Designer?

If you choose to hire a professional book designer, keep in mind that it may be costly and you may not always get the result you’re hoping for. For us, the answer is simple. The designer did not write your book! The designer isn’t going to even read your book because they have zero comprehension of the time, energy, effort and emotion that’s been put into writing your book. Most importantly, only you, the author, hold this important information. Often, a  designer will create an amazing and eye-catching book cover, only to leave the reader feeling mislead. The cover must accurately represent what your book is about!

How to Create a Book Cover

With our book cover design software, you can quickly and easily create your own 2d or 3d book covers. You can also create a unique, professional and eye-catching cover that entices the reader to click to read more. Our eBook cover creator allows you to create book covers for every self-publishing platform, including Wattpad covers, Kindle covers, covers for Kobo, Nook covers, iBook covers and covers for Smashwords. Book Cover Software also gives you the option to transform your 2d book cover into a beautiful, attention-grabbing 3d book cover! You can also create promotional banners for Facebook and Instagram!

Complete solutions

for book cover design.

Tired of wasting time with book cover designers that are too complex? Frustrated with paying too much for book covers? Don’t worry: BCS is here to help! Priced dozens of dollars below some competitors and built to be easy and fast to use even on mobile devices, our platform is the perfect marriage of affordability and ease of use.

Multi-Platform Friendly

Whether you're creating a design for Kindle, Kobo or Wattpad, our platform has options for you.

Advanced Editing

Our advanced software allows authors to create even high-quality fantasy and sci-fi covers.

Free Stock Images

Access whole libraries of free stock images from within our book cover software.

Easy to Use Designs

Book Cover Software is drag-and-drop, point-and-click, and lets you design covers in 5 minutes.